Carpets create more comfort, warmth, and beauty at home; they are the perfect noise and heat isolator, they are much safer for kids and seniors than the slippery wooden or tile floors – I have heard the arguments in their favour a thousand times. The carpet lovers, however, almost always forget to mention the essential part of it all – that they also require a lot of attention and time for upkeep.

I would even go further – carpets are the floor covering type that requires the most constant and regular care. I definitely cannot say the same for tiles or wooden floors – and trust me, I’ve cleaned my fair share of these as well. Vacuum cleaning or stain removal on the latter take significantly less time – spill a cup of coffee on a carpet and then on the bathroom tiles and see which one would be easier to clean.

So before you set your mind on carpets, make sure you understand all the difficulties that come with them. Also, be prepared to invest a certain amount of money on professional carpet cleaning – sooner or later you will get there.